Software Developer at Odoo

A wide range of interesting projects

We develop open source apps to help millions of employees save time in their day-to-day job.

Our projects include:

Business Apps: from point of Sales, to logistics and accounting, we have plenty of projects around business apps (improvement, creation of new features,…)

Frontend UI: Odoo Spreadsheet (an open source Google Spreadsheet alternative), a react/vue style JS framework (the fastest VDOM ever developed).

Python Framework: It’s all about perf and optimizations. (ORM based on PostgreSQL)

Mobile: All Odoo apps run on iOS and Android hybrid mobile apps.

Website / Builder: An open source website builder & eCommerce, to help entrepreneurs launch their website by themselves, without technical hassle.

API / Connectors: Integrate Odoo with payment processors, carriers, or other services.

Security: from product security (code reviews, security patches) to system administration issues (pentesting, best practices, etc.).

After 3 weeks of initial training (both functional & technical), we’ll present you teams looking for new members and you’ll choose the one you prefer.

What’s great in the job?

Great team of very smart people, in a friendly and open culture.

Large apps scope - Diversity in the job, you’ll never get bored.

No customer deadlines - Time to focus on quality, refactoring and testing

No solution architect, no business analysts, no Gantt chart, no boring manager… just great developments.

Real responsibilities and challenges in a fast evolving company.

Friendly working environment located in a renovated farm in the countryside.
An attractive and flexible package: car, fuel card, up to 35 days off per year, meal vouchers (8€/day), eco-cheques (250€/year), hospital insurance, representation fees to cover all your expenses, and much more!

A Chef cooking delicious meals every day at the office

CDI full time (38h/week) with homeworking 2 days/week and flexible hours

More informations:


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We are still looking for Software Developers to join our office based in Belgium.
Don’t hesitate to apply or contact us for more info :slightly_smiling_face:

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